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Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of booking your stay with Y&C's Short Stays are presented below. Customers renting the property with Niji Short Stays are referred to as the “Guests” or the “Guest”. Niji Short Stays provides accommodation in two separate ways: as a principal, through rent-to-rent leasing, where Y&C's Short Stays enters into direct lease agreements with the Owners and lets the accommodation on to the end user; and as an agent for the owners of the property (hereafter referred to as the “Owners” or the “Owner”). Where an agency relationship exists, the rental arrangements are made on behalf of the Owners for the “Property” stated on the confirmation email of the booking, and the contractual relationship is directly between the Owner and the Guest. Y&C's Short Stays will, on request and with approval from the owners, provide the names and address details of the owners of the property in which they have made a reservation. Please note, all times are given in 24-hour format in the local UK time zone.

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